What we’re doing

What-were-doing-PageWith the introduction of the government’s ‘Fair Deal’ scheme in 2009, our future income per resident bed was reduced by over 33% when we were wrongly benchmarked against providers in the private sector. This along with meeting current HIQA standards and future restrictions means our income has been further reduced and our financial viability seriously threatened.

In April 2013, a new funding arrangement was negotiated with the relevant state agencies – however it is predicated on operating a 24 bed facility that meets all HIQA standards during 2015. To do this we need to upgrade and extend our facilities. While our daily running costs are funded by income from the ‘Fair Deal’ scheme, the HSE and resident contributions, any improvements/ extensions to the hospital must be funded by ourselves.

We have already purchased a site adjacent to the current hospital for our extension but need to raise the money to build it and upgrade our existing hospital.
The cost of this project will be €1 MILLION.